New Retreading Machinery

New Retreading Machinery | Our technical team at Platinum 1 International are a industry leader in the production & manufacturing in state of the art precision retread machinery.Taylor made retread machinery to suit the customers every need and requirements, which include:

•Inspection Machine / Station
•Repair Machine / Station
•Buffing Machines
•Skiveing Stations
•Spray Cementing Stations
•Cushion Gum Applicator – Stitcher
•Tread Liner Applicator – Builder – Stitcher
•Bagging, Envelope Changer / Spreader Machine / Station
•Rims Changer Machine
•Rims For Curing
•Autoclaves Of Various Lengths And Diameters
•Complete Monorails Systems
•Cartridge Loading Systems – For Quick Loading And Unloading Of Autoclaves
•Final Inspection Machine
Modifications and repair or maintenance to existing machinery or retread plants, also available at customers requests or needs.