20 Contoh Kalimat Past Tense

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20 Contoh Kalimat Past Tense

  1. I saw her standing there
  2. My Father bought this car last year 
  3. They went to Tokyo last month
  4. She went home two minutes ago
  5. I did not see her standing there
  6. My Father did not buy this car last year
  7. They did not go to Tokyo last month
  8. She did not go home two minutes ago
  9. Did My Father buy this car last year ?
  10. Did they go to Tokyo last year ?
  11. She went to Bogor a week ago
  12. When did you buy that Magazine ?
  13. What time did your sister leave for Bandung ?
  14. How did you meet your wife wife for the first time ?
  15. Did you come to her house last night ?
  16. He came with his wife yesterday
  17. Last Sunday, we went to Puncak together
  18. I never drunk coffee five years ago
  19. I did not sleep last night
  20. If he had enough money, he would that guitar

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