Why need Tyre Marking ?

Why need Tyre Marking ? Apart from legal requirements, when we engrave logos, figures, or some related information on tyre, we can trace them easily. Besides, customer can easily differentiate those tyres. For example, engraving of company name like Bridgestone or Continental would not cause confusing to customer in making purchase decision.

T-Mark Compact System
Tyre Marking by laser are permanent over tyre life and human-readable. It is cost efficient and available in automated and manual systems. T-Mark Compact System, which is a handheld laser marking system, is one of the flexible and easy ways for marking. This manual laser system is designed for marking in whether a vertical or horizontal orientation of any tyres size with better appearance. This machine designed for not only engraving on tyre, but also suitable for painted metals, plastics, and wood. The information that need to be engrave can be enter easily either through the barcode reader from a database or manually through touchpad, and start the engraving on the surface. Other advantages are as below:
  • Almost noiseless while engraving
  • Faster – Can engrave of 10 digits below 4 seconds
  • Cost and time saving in operation as it is faster in engraving per tyre
  • Soft-edged marking and cause no stress on tire surface
  • Able to adjust the font size, letter width, and marking depth
  • Can engrave alphanumeric info (ASCII and windows fonts), graphics form (CAD, bitmaps, JPG and et cetera), and Bar Code.