How Google Penalize Website with Penguin Update

How Google Penalize Website with Penguin Update

How Google Penalize Website with Penguin Update | Seven months ago Google rolled out Penguin update to fight against SEO spammers. A  roactive step from google to clean search engine ranking results from aggressive search engine optimizers trying hard to improve rankings in Google through building the low quality links.
The aftermath of Penguin was a total disaster for small business owners who relied heavily on Google. Recently, a month ago, two small business owners who shut the office down forever. Even after I promised in helping to recover from penguin, these SMEs forced to close business as the nature of business was not allowing run the trade with lack of time limit.

The sole intention behind this post is to educate business owners on the main causes of penguin hit to the websites. The below points answers what tactics and techniques lead to penguin penalty.

Keyword Resemblance in Anchor Text, Title Tag and Web Page:

There is a classical misconception about Penguin update: getting low quality links of same anchor text. Google goes one step further by analyzing the keywords between anchor text and title tag. The co-occurrences of same keyword in web page and anchor text. It’s quite simple for the Google spider to analyze the above. For Example: If you are targeting the keyword Real estate agent in California and the same keyword is mentioned in title tag and repeated many times in web page as well as got many anchor text of the same phrase through low quality sites. Then it’s easy for Google spider to find the pattern of spam.
Not just repeated phrases or keyword stuffing in the web page alone leads to penalty. Keyword stuffing in the web page indicates Google that website has shallow content. But aggressive search engine optimization is more than that. Here search engine optimizers are playing hard with the rules set by Google and not for visitors.
Google won’t penalize the website by analyzing one side of the story. If a webmaster made an offence in all the three aspects: repeated phrases in title tag, web page and anchor text means web master is not ignorant of search engine optimization. Webmaster is well aware of SEO and deliberately optimizing for the sake of ranking. Hence the combination of all the above techniques leads to Penguin penalty.

Usage of Same Content in link building:

This may include one of the panda characteristics but not a panda update. Google won’t manually penalize penguin update for millions of web pages. Google spider must follow a process to identify the certain patterns of fraudulent techniques incorporated by seo. One of the common factors is using same content in multiple websites. And classical example is submitting the title tags and meta description of web page in various directories. This is an easy way for Google to automate for finding the low quality links.

Even seo professionals have used different content other than existing content in web page but same description in many directories is definitely a link building form for the sake of rankings.
One more common spam technique is article marketing. 500 words or same article submitting in many article directories. Here it is easy for Google to find out the same content and same resource box with same anchor texts. It is fine same anchor texts with same bio but articles must be different. With different articles in other websites webmaster is contributing to visitors and in return he is getting links which won’t come under the radar of Penguin penalty.

Google is always smart. But Google also has weakness. It cannot rank manually every websites or cannot penalize every websites. Google need to automate. Once web spam of Google team identifies the common abuse followed by SEO industry it will come up update. Follow the best practices of link building and on page optimization and learn process of the new updates.

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