Innovation used for retreading

Innovation used for retreading
The first stage of the retreading process is the inspection.

Operator skill is an essential element in the RINGTREAD production philosophy and, together with the use of purposely built machines, allows for precise identification of the casings for retreading.

The Marangoni ITT inspection machines use shearography in a vacuum by means of inferometric laser system to detect and highlight any separations inside the casing structure. This is a much more accurate and dependable technique than other non-destructive casing inspection methods used in the past and enables us to obtain extremely high-performing retreads with guarantee of structural integrity.

The inspection machines are divided in shearographic and manual inspection machines: ITT SFERA 3000 and ITT CUBO 2500 fall within the first group.
For the requests of manual inspection machines Marangoni Retreading Systems offers PPT 2000, VTT 2000 and VTT 1000.

2 Automatic buffing machines

Buffing eliminates the remains of the old tread from the crown of the casing, creating a surface characterised by crests and grooves which increases the total surface, and prepares the area for laying of the ring so as to guarantee perfect adhesion.

Marangoni Retreading Systems offers 3 fully automatic buffing machines: RASP 3000 GIOTTO, RASP 2500 LEONARDO and RASP 2000 TIZIANO.

Marangoni buffing machines create individual profiles according to the dimensions of the casing, to guarantee maximum adhesion and an optimal footprint area (ground contact area) for the retread once it has been fitted on the vehicle.

The new generation of "Ringbuilder" building machines allows extrusion of the cushiongum directly on the casing and application of the ring with one single fully automated machine, a process that produces a tyre ready for curing.

The RINGTREADER Series 1000, 2000 and 3000 building machines automatically lay and centre the ring on the casing and then perform rolling to guarantee perfect balanced adhesion.
This process ensures 100% uniform application of the ring on the entire circumference of the casing without deformation.
These are extremely fast and accurate machines with total process automation, which eliminates all possibility of human error.

But Marangoni Retreading Systems thinks also to the retreaders that use precured treads.
To these retreaders Marangoni Retreading Systems offers WINGTREADER 1000 and 3000.


Once the tread has been built, the tyre must be cured to ensure perfect adhesion of the ring to the casing.
This is obtained by placing a thin strip of Marangoni cushiongum in-between and then curing in an autoclave according to a precise temperature, time and pressure calculation to create the lasting bond between casing and ring which will transform the individual components into a high quality tyre.

The Marangoni VT3000 autoclaves are equipped with equipment to check and display the job cycle.
These machines are built and tested according to the most stringent directives and are available with different room depending on retreader's needs.


The monorail system moves the casings, which pass from one work station to the other without ever touching the ground, thus avoiding contact with impurities and debris.

This characteristic guarantees a structured flow and allows constantly high quality standards to be maintained.

Numerous tailor-made solutions are available to meet any requirements.


For Marangoni Retreading Systems innovation in the RINGTREAD retreading technology is guided not only by the concept of high automation in the retreading process, but also by respect for the environment in compliance with the increasingly restrictive limitations imposed by the European Commission concerning the reduction of CO2 emissions.

This philosophy has led to the development of a new generation of machinery for applying the cushiongum, the Black Swan, designed specifically for small to medium-sized tyre retreading firms that, until today, had not yet found a solution truly geared to their needs.

The Black Swan allows the totally automated application of the cushiongum, thereby avoiding the use of the adhesive solution and, in turn, the emission of solvents into the atmosphere, the filling of minor craters, and even the reconstruction and reinforcing of the sidewalls, all with one machine.

All the above mentioned operations are part of a completely automated cycle that guarantees not only higher productivity, savings in labour, a reduction in the processing times, and consequential cost-cutting, but also environmental protection.

The Black Swan, by combining several phases of the retreading process (application of the cushiongum, filling of craters, and sidewall reconstruction) results in considerable savings:
- the elimination of the adhesive solution from the process not only does away with the time necessary for its application, but also prevents the need to purchase specialised equipment for this purpose;
- limitation of costs for purchasing the cusiongum;

- the fact that this machine rebuilds/reinforces the sidewalls makes the application of strips of material on the sidewalls unnecessary, guaranteeing time savings;
- it does not require a larger work force as the operator on the building machine can operate also the Black Swan at the same time, resulting in increased productivity of the building machine.

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