Precure Retreading System

Precure Retreading System | Precure system is the process of bonding a procure tread rubber onto a used casing using cushion gum.  Italmatic produces the complete system for pre cure or sold retread system,
All equipment from Autoclaves, buffers, builders monorails are produced by our plant in italy. Our customers include Michellin, Bandag, Continental and many other famous companies.

Italmatic are able to provide equipment for pre cure system for tyre sizes ranging from passenger to the largest 57 inch tyres for OTR

From basic system producing 8 tyres per cure to 24 tyres per cure to advance autoloading system with ability to produce 8-9 cures a day.

We can provide system with electric heating to dual electric and steam to diathermic oil heating. Direct and indirect heating

Our famous DPC system can provide automatic pressure control on all tyres in the autoclave at each time, providing uniform pressure distribution across the pre cure liner.
Giving a uniform pressure separation on the liner and ensuring zero separation of the liner.  Vacuum pump may be needed but can be fitted for double envelope applications.
We use oiless vacumn pumps to reduce maintenance.

All components are from renown names like Siemems, Mashushita etc.  Our autoclaves are fitted with the latest processor control system, advance PC control is an option

Using our automated system for procure system , customer will enjoy cost savings, the best quality product and highest production capacity to give customer max return

We produce complete range of machines for pre cure retread machines up to 57 inches OTR tyres, our buffer like the PL 80 can be fitted with buffing and grooving facilities and our autoclaves up to 5 m in diameter. Using both electric or steam and direct and indirect heating.