Why Keyword Density No Longer Matters

Why Keyword Density No Longer Matters | You’ve probably heard Keyword Density touted as a key component of great Search Engine Optimization efforts.

The best way to get that top spot on Google?  Create a page of content that lists your keywords ad nauseam.  Search Engine crawlers would assume that the authoritative source on “random keyword” would be the source that could say “random keyword” ad infinitum 
Well, to some degree, that used to be effective.  Used to be.
Major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask) no longer include traditional keyword density as a ranking factor.  Instead, those search engines are focusing on content that meets the pain indicated by the keywords.  As search engine algorithms are continually refined, the really helpful content will continue to rise through the rankings.  The spamming techniques that once propelled random sites to Google’s front page will fail.

This isn’t to say that keywords don’t matter. Understanding and utilizing keywords well is vital to your online success.  You won’t succeed if you aren’t speaking your target market’s language.  As content quality improves everywhere, it becomes essential that you target the right keywords and provide winning content to alleviate consumer pain.

While search engines guard their algorithms like the cherubim guarding Eden, we know that traditional keyword density efforts will no longer help you out.  So you might as well focus on developing better content.

Moral of the story: if you can provide great content, you’ll win.  If you’re not doing it yet, start doing it.  If you’re doing it already, get better. Simple, right?

Source : http://sgraymackenzie.com/no-more-keyword-densit/