Retreading Material

Retreading Material

Whether you want hot or precured retreads, KRAIBURG Austria always has the right tread

As Europe's biggest specialist in retreading material, KRAIBURG Austria produces high-quality material for both hot and precure retreading processes. The compound and tread used are always tailored to suit the application for which the tyre will be used and the specific demands that involves.

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If you're looking for the right KRAIBURG tread design for your vehicle type (truck, trailer, bus) and your needs (long-distance, distribution, construction, etc.), you can refer to our:
Application Information System


For hot retreading, our products include:

  • Tread materials (Camelback, Extruder strips, Extruder slabs)
  • Sidewall veneer (different strengths; dust; perforation)
  • Profile filler strips
  • Rubber solution
  • Cushion gum (sheets or tread material strips)
  • Tread sheet
  • Various accessories

Spezialisiertes Mischungsangebot für alle Bereiche

PKW / Leicht- LKW:

  • Sommer
  • Winter
  • High Performance


  • Fernverkehr
  • Nahverkehr
  • Baustelle
  • Steinbruch
  • Trailer
  • Spezialmischungen

For precure retreading, our products include:

  • Precured treads
  • Bonding gum (sheets or tread material strips)
  • Sidewall veneer "cold"
  • Solution
  • Accessories (inner and outer envelopes, venting pads, tyre paint, release agent couplings and valves)

Vulkanisierte Laufstreifen für
  • Gabelstapler bis Mobilkräne
  • Leicht- LKW bis Allradkipper
  • spezialisierte Profile für jeden Einsatz mit adaptierter Mischungszuordnung
  • Premiumlinie KRAIBURG Kplus 30 für den Profi