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1.Inspection Machine - IR 125 NDT Inspection Spreader
  • Designed to detect pinholes, nail holes, cuts, cracks, porosity,etc
  • Efficient & easy to operation
  • Automatic tyre rotation stop when penetration detected with sparks
  • Integral probes for light trucks & trucks

2. Buffing Machine

3. Building Machine

 4.  Envelope Spreader
 5. Pressure Test Machine
  • Handles tyres from 15” to 22.5”
  • Tyre inflation pre-set at 2, 4 & 8 bar (max) for a better QC inspection
  • Enclosed by steel cage as safety protection
  • Testing cycle ended automatically to reduce supervision work
  • Well lighted within the cage for better visual inspection
6.   Tire Curing Chamber
F6/12/22 Ferlex Autoclave With safety, quality and cutting-edge technology, Ferlex Autoclave secure your production with high output and uniformity, a number of different measurements and configuration can be provided according to the characteristic of the facilities and production volumes of the client.

The manufacturer, Ferlex who has already manufactured over two thousand autoclave is sure of what quality of all about.

7.  Tire Testing System - Intact Shearography tire test systems
The shearography tire test systems from Steinbichler Optotechnik have been developed for the non-destructive testing of new tires in R&D and quality control, as well as for the inspection of tire carcasses in the retreading industry. The technical basis of the systems is the TV shearography system.

The Intact® systems by Steinbichler Optotechnik have successfully proven their functionality in the worldwide car-, truck-, and aircraft industries, as well as in the Formula 1 racing tire business.

Tyre Mold Cleaning
Technology today had developed more new solutions for automotive sector. The Laser Tyre Mold Cleaning is one of the technology created to bring benefic and convenience in automotive sector. Before curing the tyre, we had to ensure that the tyre mold is cleaning with spotless appearance.
There are two types of tyre mold cleaning, which are Stationery STMCS system and Mobile TMCS System.
Stationery STMCS System
  • Is an offline cleaning of any size mold from passenger car to truck tyre sizes
  • Handle both passenger and truck tyre molds

Mobile TMCS System
  • Cleans molds in-press or offline
  • Handle passenger tyre molds

These cost effectiveness laser systems will automate do high quality and perfect mold cleaning, as the system is using 6 axis cleaning head. Any organics or trace will be totally clean by this laser cleaning and not aggressive against the mold surface. The lifetime of the mold does not affected as the mold surface does not damage when cleaning by the nonabrasive laser cleaning.
There is one important point that is you can use the laser for offline cleaning without preheating the mold. This also means that the molds to be cleaned may have any temperature whether in hot or cold situation.

9. Tyre-Marking
Why need Tyre Marking? Apart from legal requirements, when we engrave logos, figures, or some related information on tyre, we can trace them easily. Besides, customer can easily differentiate those tyres. For example, engraving of company name like Bridgestone or Continental would not cause confusing to customer in making purchase decision.

T-Mark Compact System
Tyre Marking by laser are permanent over tyre life and human-readable. It is cost efficient and available in automated and manual systems. T-Mark Compact System, which is a handheld laser marking system, is one of the flexible and easy ways for marking. This manual laser system is designed for marking in whether a vertical or horizontal orientation of any tyres size with better appearance. This machine designed for not only engraving on tyre, but also suitable for painted metals, plastics, and wood. The information that need to be engrave can be enter easily either through the barcode reader from a database or manually through touchpad, and start the engraving on the surface. Other advantages are as below:
  • Almost noiseless while engraving
  • Faster – Can engrave of 10 digits below 4 seconds
  • Cost and time saving in operation as it is faster in engraving per tyre
  • Soft-edged marking and cause no stress on tire surface
  • Able to adjust the font size, letter width, and marking depth
  • Can engrave alphanumeric info (ASCII and windows fonts), graphics form (CAD, bitmaps, JPG and et cetera), and Bar Code.


  10.  AZ Cushion Gum Extruder for Pre-cured Tread (CTC-SB VII)
  • Direct extrude hot cushion gum onto the buffed casing surface
  • Direct replacing the process of wrapping calendared sheet cushion gum around the buffed casing
  • Cushion gum width is adjustable
  • Cushion gum can be partially extruded on the casing shoulder
  • About 180 tyres per 8-hour shift
  • Floor to floor cycle time 160 sec
  • For all truck tyres up to max. Ø of 1370 mm and tread width 420mm
  • Cost saving in labour as this machine is an automatic skive filling
  • Cost saving in cushion gum by using just one size of feed strip
  • Cost saving in cement spraying with appropriate process
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