20 Contoh Kalimat Simple Present

 20 Contoh Kalimat Simple Present | Posting kali ini saya memberikan contoh-contoh kalimat simple present , biasanya ada PR  yang meminta contoh ini betul ???

Lanjut ke TKP, ini dia  20 Contoh Kalimat Simple Present :

    Sala Ahmadi takes the book from Ajeng Friscilia
    Mr. Dadang sometimes teaches English in the afternoon
    Does he often come here with her ?
    Day of week in the first hour is the english language lesson
    I always come to campus on Saturday and Sunday
    We are not usually busy on sunday
    Ants build their nests in the ground
    Mr. Asep Budiman is friendly
    My father is a headmaster at SMP1 Tebing Tinggi
    I work at the office
    I don't work at the office.
    I go to the office by motorcycle
    She lives in a small house in front of my house
    She doesn't live in a small house
    Does she live in a small house ?
    He usually wears a black tie
    He doesn't wear a black tie
    We usually greet the teachers if we meet them
    Do we greet the teachers if we meet them ?

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