How to Increase Your Alexa Rank by Blogging Trick’s

How to Increase Your Alexa Rank by Blogging Trick’s | First we going to talk about what is Alexa and for what is used for: defines themselves as “the web information company,” but to webmasters and bloggers, they are so much more. 

Essentially, Alexa is a company that measures web traffic on almost every website on the internet through their increasingly popular toolbar plugin. This becomes an important element in leveraging your blog’s ranking as a sell point to advertisers, sponsors, buyers, readers and whoever else wants a piece of your material.

Webmasters, advertisers and ad networks use your blog’s Alexa rank as a gauge to determine the worth of a link on your website. If you depend on link or site selling as a form of monetization you’ll definitely want to increase your Alexa rank, because it’ll increase your bargaining power when it comes to ad pricing.

Now lets see in what way to increase your alexa rank:

Write grate content and not try to steal from another site because they will know and your site could have problems with Google PR.
Write post at least once a day and your Alexa Rank will grow considerable, also this is a grate way to keep close your readers.
Enter in a click exchange program this will help. You can find an article about this here:Traffic Exchange Ranking
Put up an Alexa rank widget on your website. According to some, each click counts as a visit even if the toolbar is not used by the visitor.

Get friends to review and rate your Alexa website profile. Not entirely sure of its impact on rankings but it might help in some way.

Some of this I have already tried and it’s works grate in one mount I have succeed to come from 2.500.000 position to 1.000.000 from now on thing will be more hard to do but I am confident that with work and a little of luck everything can be done.