OTR Tyre Repairs

Evolutionary repair techniques utilizing leading edge technologies are continually refined and improved for the bottom line of your tyre operations. With the advances being made in repair technology, tyres that are still deemed "NWR" (Not Worth Repairing) can be repaired to recover your tread utilization factor.

In past years sidewall damage on radials has meant scrapping the tyre. Now with advanced wire replacement, body cord repair is a run of the mill repair successfully returning more tyres to service. Advanced techniques are constantly under review to achieve incremental improvements, not re-inventing the wheel, just refining it continually.

Tytec's OTR Repair Procedure

Advanced repair techniques are constantly under review to achieve incremental improvements.

Exposing Injury Zone
The first step in preparing the injury is to expose the damaged area so that we can assess whether or not the tyre can be repaired.

Bead Wrap Prepared
This is an example of how we prepare a bead wrap. We do not disturb the bead bundle at any stage of this process.

Steel Cord Replaced
Once the window is completed we then apply the wires over the window and up around the bead to replace the turn up ply in the tyre.

The repair is cleaned and then painted with a solution. The solution is allowed to dry. The repair is then filled with raw rubber using extruder guns.

Curing Methods
Tytec uses 3 different curing methods:
1. Monarch Repair System
2. Thermopress Machines
3. Autoclave System

Buff & Paint
Tytec prides itself on our finished product. We believe that our finished product should be presented like a new tyre.