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Blogger resources are getting expanded day by day since many bloggers are featuring tutorials on blogspot labeling different topics, tips and tricks. And one the biggest parts that has been expanded in last 2/3 years is the custom template store for blogger users

There are over hundreds of blogger custom templates blogs are available online and over thousands of tutorials resources. And all these things are expediting the popularities of Blogger that has been proudly acquired by Google.

Today we're going to meet you all one of the blogger custom templates that you must like and hope to use for your money earning blog's template. This is Theme Castle a new breed of blogger template with multiple custom features and fully powered by advanced coding CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery.

SEO And Monetization

Before developing such type of unique template we smartly focused on SEO, Cross Browser Compatibility, Consistent Eye Catching Design and Readable Content Area. Read below to explore more...
  1. Dynamic meta description tags which loads and dictates Search Engine Robots to index canonical pages.
  2. Structured data variables for post titles and pages already exchanged.
  3. Smart HTML constructure which would make it fairly easy for SE Bots to crawl and indexes the pages easily without unwanted scripts which might block accessed.
  4. The strongly coded design which follows an inherited flow of Heading tags as per Search Robots requirements. H2 for Blog Title, H2 for post & sidebar titles and H3 for sub-heading kick.
  5. Labels, Comments, Popular Posts are well optimized and riched by setting robot entries.
  6. Commenting systems is well shielded from spammers
  7. A smart email subscription box as well as an expandable multi tab widget is also added.
  8. In short this template is a combination of all SEO features and designs that a blogspot blog can contain! 

Social Media Optimization

  1. A set of stylish and highly optimized social media widget added below of post footer to social each content around the globe
  2. Social sharing counters, media widget and a strongly coded social media buttons are added next to top menu which helps your content to share easily by a reader
  3. A smart feedburner email subscription widget also tempts a reader to cordially subscribe your content.

User Interface

  1. The template is designed in order to force visitors to stay longer period across your site and make more Page views.
  2. This template is enriched with rich media content with a stunning slider which makes it emphatic for a reader to go through your site joyfully
  3. The script is coded according to user friendly content view purposes, the combination of content area design as well as top menu, header, and upper top menu, sidebar H2 tags, middle sidebar features, lower section design and overall the background preview all these things are made under a perfect combination so that a reader will get no hindered while reading through your content. This will prompt a reader to come back your site again and again only on the basis of pure HTML design whatever your content is.
  4. This template is compatible with all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE(7,8,9) etc.
  5. The header, content wrapper, post section, sidebar section and footer, all comes with handy widgets to make the site navigation more like a fun.

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How About The Recipe?

I have noticed that blogger users still meeting errors that they can't find out the solution yet. I've personally solved some critical problems back in year and people have found them helpful. So i thought this modified and optimized blogger template will help users to run their new blog with great hopes to make money online. Wish you all happy blogging..