Goodyear Dunlop Retreading Solutions

Goodyear Dunlop Retreading Solutions help fleets to maximise the lifetime potential of their tyres. We offer a wide range of retreading packages under our Multiple Life concept.

Reduce your fleet’s cost/km
Part of a complete service offering
Similar performance levels to new tyres in terms of mileage, fuel consumption, wet grip and noise
Kinder to the environment

Retread tyres and tread bands are developed in parallel with our new tyres, so you can be confident of the same high standards of design, construction and quality control.
Multiple life concept
Multiple Life concept

Maximise the lifetime potential of your tyres
Get greater value from your fleet tyre investments through our Multiple Life concept. Premium retread tyres can deliver performance levels comparable to new tyres, at a lower cost.

Initial investment in new Goodyear Dunlop truck or bus tyres
Regrooving of worn tyres for extended mileage
Retreading of tyres for second life usage
Regrooving of retreaded tyres for further mileage and tyre life

Depending on application type, tyre usage and casing quality, Goodyear Dunlop tyres may be suitable for more than one retread.

Retread products

Goodyear Dunlop’s complete range of retread solutions

Goodyear Dunlop Retreading Solutions help fleets and dealers to extend the life of our premium products. Retread products are part of Goodyear Dunlop’s complete package for commercial partners and end users.

Mold cure products

Goodyear Dunlop mold cure retread products are produced exclusively in-house, ensuring the most stringent standards of fabrication and quality control.

Mold cure and precure explained

Mold cure retreading

Mold cure retreading uses heated tyre molds.

The tyre casing is buffed
A layer of uncured rubber is applied to the casing
The tyre is cured or vulcanised in a heated tyre mold at a temperature of around 150°C
The mold contains matrices that stamp the new tread pattern and sidewall on the tyre, giving the finished product the appearance of a new tyre.

All Goodyear Dunlop Retreading mold cure products are produced in-house and developed by the same engineering teams as our new tyres. This means that the same stringent quality requirements apply to retreaded tyres as to new tyres.

Environmental benefits

Lowering your environmental impact

Goodyear Dunlop Retreading reduces your fleet’s ecological footprint and promotes long-term sustainability.

Fewer raw materials
Maximising the life of the tyre casing means fewer natural resources are used by your fleet.
Lower energy consumption

The production of a moldcure retread tyre results in one third less green house gases and two-thirds less oil used compared to the production of a new truck tyre.
Reduced environmental impact

Using retread tyres results in fewer chemicals being employed and fewer tyre casings to be disposed of.