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Dadang Supriadi or more fondly known as Kang Dadang as Dangstars Tea or as Dadang Vulkanisir. On started blogging since 2011 until now. Currently, he is known for humorous and now fully focus as professional as a handyman Tire Retread and on the sidelines of spare time to be a writer some of his blogs are quite popular in the world including Tutorials Blogger and Blog Retreading.

Dadang Vulkanisir

Currently he is writing more about the Tire Retread Information. During dabbling in the world of blogs, he does not ever enjoy the money from the internet such as stories blogger easy to find money on the internet it is Zero alias boong if for him, but it still active in the world of blogging because he felt the blog is a place to pour ideas and thoughts, not to seek money

Dadang Supriadi

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So Bloggers must not be smart, have enough imagination, creative ideas, uptodate and find all the answers in Google.