Top 4 tips to consider when promoting your SEO content

Year 2013 brought a significant change in the online content industry and not to mention, the term “content marketing” gained momentum. The characterization of the content has been altered and the type of content currently considered worthy by the search engines and the audiences holds a niche list of How-to guides, E-books, videos, infographics, surveys, poll results and much more. The list is certainly exhaustive, but this might give you a fair idea.

Once you have created some great content pieces, you so want to market it for the natural link building and for optimum results. Here is how you will do that…

High time, understand your target audience!

There is nothing to think twice, as it is quite evident that an interesting and engaging post can grab you desired links. But, targeting the right and bigger set of audience in the market is important. Attention grabbing content is something you need without a doubt, but your content must be relevant enough to capture a wider audience that will definitely get you more links. Remember! Broader the interest, the more number of links you generate.

Ensure that your content relevancy goes hand in hand with your website too. Good quality links cannot stay away, if your created content is pertinent to your website.


The flip side is even more exciting, now the SEO breeds on quality not quantity. So, the significant change in your SEO strategy is to get a link on a big domain website like Huffington or Mashable.  It is advisable to put all your efforts in understanding the platform and the related audience. Research and analyze the pre posted content on the website to know the flavor and tailor your content accordingly. This strategy can really be advantageous, if focused on wisely, though it could be more risky than the “traditional too many links” strategy.

Right placement pays off!

You definitely value your content that has been created using a lot of brain and hard work. So, the best kick start to the process would be to publish it at the right place. What could be the easiest way? Get the people already engaged with your website to share the content. There are three exclusive ways to get your content published on your website that can lead to a win-win situation…

a)    Create a new page for your content, exclusively for it.

b)    Boost the SEO performance of an existing page by adding the fresh content to it. Wait! Just see that the content does not look out of place, it could be a tricky placement.

c)    Create a blog and make sure that you link it with other relevant areas of your website.

Remember, publishing your content without an embed code and a call to action button is just a waste of time and effort. This is also a must to make it simpler for others to publish it on their website. With a hyperlink citing your site as the source—you also ensure you receive a link back to your site.


Well! To win the natural social shares, incorporating social icon or functionality is a good idea.

Social media is the next big step!

Real time user engagement and feedback can be traced well through social mediums. The more social mentions your content gets, the more popularity and connection it can build. So, ensure that you publish and promote your content through all obvious social channels: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. And don't forget to reinvent your media!


 Try different catchy headlines for your content for various platforms and tweaking the content a bit is a plus. This will keep your links fresh and help you grab attention of wider audiences.

User engagement is the key to create a relationship with your audience. Open debates and conversations related to your content.

Influencers can make the way!

Outreaching influencers ties in with your social media endeavors. Find out who is influential in your industry vertical. Usually, the one with more followers and friends is what you need to locate. Outreach and connect to these influencers and if they agree to share your post, it is like a jackpot as you can reach a much wider audience at a stance. Do not stick to social media influencers only, explore and dig within your industry or community and see who all are talking about the similar subject.


Rest is simple, email the influencer and your job is done. Just believe your gut and see how formal or informal you need to be, to build this relationship.

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Mohit Maheshwari is Chief Strategist at New Media Guru, a full service digital agency offering Seo Company India, PPC, and Website Development services. He’s been in search since 2000 and focuses on long term strategies, intuitive user experience and successful customer acquisition.(Source Huy Dinh Quang)