Boiler Steam Description

Boiler Steam Description
High & Low Pressure; Steam or Hot Water From 70 to 2500 BoHP Pressure: Up to 300 PSIG; Fuels: Gas, Oil or Combination and Alternative Fuels

1. Single Source Responsibility:
Seminole Boiler/Burner units are covered by Superior’s warranty* of 18 months from date of shipment or 1 year from date of startup.

2. Davited Doors:
Davited doors allow for total access to the return tubes without interference of baffles or inner doors.

3. Studs, Washers and Brass Nuts:
Front and rear doors are closed using studs with washers and brass nuts for ease of opening and closing.

4. Burner:
Customer choice of single source of superior package or choice of burner manufacturers for efficient operation and ease of maintenance. Burners are specifically matched with the furnace diameter and length for complete/efficient combustion. Burners are available in gas or light or heavy oil and combination with air or pressure atomization of the oil, and Low NOx capabilities.

5. Air louver:
Air louver, linkage and setting is visible for ease of monitoring, adjustment and cleaning.

6. Burner Control Panel:
Burner or boiler mounted for ease of operation and maintenance.

7. Boiler Junction Box:
Control circuit junction box with terminal strips to permit checking individual control operations.

8. Gas Train:
Factory mounted and wired gas train complete with main gas pressure regulator. Standard gas trains comply with UL requirements. IRI or FM and other code requirements available upon request.

9. Boiler Skid:
Structural steel skid-type base supports and protects burner.

10. Furnace:
Large diameter furnace provides for complete combustion and maximum heat transfer. Furnaces for Section I (HIGH PRESSURE BOILERS) 24’’ diameter and larger are of the Morison corrugated design.

11. Wetback Turnaround:
Wetback turnaround eliminates the need for refractory lining, baffles, gaskets and provides additional primary heating surface for increased efficiency. Separate tube sheets allow for differences in expansion due to varying temperatures of the gasses.

12. Rear Doors:
Split/hinged rear doors provide access to the rear tubesheet and third pass tube.

13. Stack Outlet:
Flanged round rear smoke outlet requires only a stub stack for proper draft.

14. Lifting Eyes:
Heavy steel lifting eyes for ease of handling.

15. Insulation:
Two inch 8-lb. density mineral fiber insulation with an R factor of .27 which reduces heat loss through the jacket and provides jacket support.

16. Galvanized Coated Steel Jacket:
A 500 degree Fahrenheit acrylic silicone based paint finish is applied to the 22-gauge phosphate galvanized coated steel jacket.

17. X-ID® Tube Design:
3 pass X-ID® tube design for optimum efficiency and economical operation.

18. Ceramic Fiber Blanket:
Front and rear smoke-box and doors are lined with space-age ceramic fiber blanket.

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